Tell it to the MAFIA

 Joseph Donato Ministries, Inc

Joe Donato spent a lifetime in the rackets and his police record showed it. Con-artist, bookie, murderer - whether it was with a rifle or a lead pipe, he'd learned all the tricks of the trade.

Joe detested weakness. Power to end a life at a mere whim was his. Two of his partners were shot to death. Three other accociates died violently. He had money, position and power - but no lasting peace. Yet, he lived with the fear that he'd be next - then it happened, to a wise guy who thought he knew all the angles and answers. He had a M - I - R -A- C - L - E that changed his life. Today he speaks throughout the world, and is also an ambassador for Christ to the Mafia.

Joe is no longer in ministry due to age and health.